Slots and the Casino Industry

Charles Fey knew he had hit the big time with his invention of a slot machine, back in 1887. Since then, with the invention of the modern day slot machines in the 1930’s, the gambling industry has adapted accordingly and realised the worth of such a simple game.

Back in the early days of slots, the casinos demoted the machines to the perimeter of the casino floor. It was common knowledge that the slots were usually enjoyed by the women of that time, while the men dabbled in the “more serious” gambling at the roulette and blackjack tables. However in early 1970’s casino’s started realising slots’ worth, and by 1971 slots were generating almost 40% of the gaming revenue. Nowadays, in some land-based casinos, during peak hours, you can rarely see a free machine. Continue reading

How Slots Work

There are many myths as to how online slots really work.  Each online slot has a component known as the Random Number Generator and the purpose of this is to generate random sequences in millisecond intervals.  The RNG will generate random numbers each time an online casino slot player hits the spin button or hits the max bet button.

The RNG is found in all online casinos and determines the outcome of all of the online slots that a casino has to offer.  Each of these outcomes comes from a combination of algorithms and the software of the RNG.  This will determine the outcome of each and every spin and each spin has nothing to do with the previous spin. Continue reading

Safe Online Casino

Top of the concerns that we hear from Canadians wanting to play online casino games, are how to verify that the website that you are playing on is a truly safe online casino.  There are two reasons why you want to ensure that the website is safe.  Firstly, online casinos need to take your personal information and identification proof just as land based casinos do.

Secondly, you will need to have an online account where you deposit your playing money into, and which will hold your winnings prior to you withdrawing them to your bank account or card. There are super casino industry sites which have rated and reviewed the safety and security of all of the safe online casino websites, as well as those that aren’t considered safe or trustworthy in paying out, so make sure you do your research before signing up. Continue reading

Agent Jane Blonde

This Microgaming online video slot features Agent Jane Blonde, a spy, who travels the world wearing different disguises and solving crimes.  This slot has 5 reels and 9 paylines and features a free spins round, multipliers and a gamble option.

Microgaming has used great comic style characters and when there is a winning spin the James Bond theme song will play was well as other sound effects. Continue reading

Horse racing events

There are number of key questions punters need to ask themselves before they choose a bookmaker at which to start enjoying laying wagers on horse racing events:

  1. Which sportsbook offers them the most value?
  2. Who does the best job as far as catering to the punter’s specific interests is concerned?
  3. What are the deposit options provided, and are they to the punter’s liking?
  4. How are withdrawals processed and how long is the turnaround time for these?
  5. Which sportsbook offers the best coverage of horse racing events, and allows the greatest access to tracks in Australia; Canada; the United Kingdom; America and Dubai?

Continue reading

Comparison Sites for Greyhound Race Betting Online

There are two qualities that determine whether a sportsbook truly deserves the honour of a punter’s return business: the first is the guaranteed safety of the punter’s funds, the second the overall quality of the experience the bookmaker is able to deliver.

Greyhound racing betting online is more popular than ever these days, and this means that there are far more bookmakers making access to these races a reality, and a good comparison site will help even the most inexperienced bettor make the best decision when it comes to determining where to sign up for an account. Continue reading

Save On Accommodation When You Travel

One of the most stressful parts of going on an overseas holiday is finding accommondataion that you can afford. And while this can prove to be challenging and is sure to cause you more than a few grey hairs, the right place to stay when you travel can make or break your holiday.

There are plenty of factors to consider when looking for a resting spot, including the proximity of public transport stations, whether or not the hotel or guesthouse is central, as well as whether or not it is easy to navigate to and from. Continue reading

Easy Ways To Save Money For Travelling

Travelling is never a financially easy process. There are so many things to consider, and oftentimes, we get so caught up in everything else going on that we never really get to set aside any time or money for those trips we dream of. However, just a few adjustments here and there could see you saving up a pretty penny before long.

Everything from cutting costs to taking on some extra work can contribute to increasing your budget and giving you that little bit more spending money. In a few months, you could be on a plane, leaving Canada for a while to go out and explore the big, wide world. Continue reading

The Online Age Makes Gaming Easily Accessible

The fact that the world has undergone huge and significant changes in the past few years has scarcely escaped anyone’s notice. The advent of the internet has spawned a complete change in so many areas of life, that looking back it seems inconceivable that human kind was able to survive prior to the digital age. The very act of purchasing items, shopping and staying in contact with friends, customers and family has altered completely.

Imagine, if you can, just how complicated the simple adventure of travelling was back in the pre-internet era; a scary venture into the unknown, where people went travelling and were only heard of again when they returned. There were no social media updates, pictures for all to peruse or travel blogs to follow. Continue reading

The Most Cost-Effective Ways To Travel

In this harsh economic climate, trying to travel can prove to be difficult. All of life’s other expenses just seem to add up, making travelling seem less and less significant. However, avid travellers can’t be held down, no matter what their financial situation may be. Do you ever wonder how some of your social media connections always seem to be leaving Canada and jetting all over the globe?

Chances are, they have some pretty good money saving travelling techniques under their belts. Regardless, there are a few, simple alterations that can be made to the way that you travel in order to save some money and make your trips more affordble. Continue reading